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Product/Service Review

BellzandBunz is happy to review any products and services related to health, nutrition and fitness, that is geared towards women, children, teens, families etc.  If you would like me  to review your product or services please send an email to

NOTE: BellzandBunz is not responsible for: any shipping/duty costs/fees, lost, damaged or unsent items during shipping and/or delivery. All products received will not be returned unless otherwise agreed upon.

BellzandBunz is happy to collaborate with businesses that mirror our values, passion and mission towards health and fitness.

For more information please contact Denise at

Brand Partnerships

As a Healthy Eating and Weightloss Coach and Fitness Trainer,  my brand is built around inspiring women to be strong and healthy. I use my social media platforms and my blog to share all my experiences, to motivate and inspire, to provide free health and fitness tips and a ton of healthy recipes and food ideas.  As a professional baker and seasoned home-cook, I develop recipes and creative food ideas. I turn favorite foods into healthy ones and am specialized in alternative baking (gluten free, dairy free, sugar-free etc). 

Email me at for more information, I’d love to hear from you and see how our brands align and we can work together.


I work with Brands within the health and fitness industry that promote and support womens health.

I am thrilled to be the Ambassador for Lole Women, Vaughan Mills.  A Canadian owned company that embodies women’s health and fitness as a community. A company that inspires and encourages women to take care of themselves.  Not only is their active gear  all made in Canada, they are designed and made especially for women! To Shop Lole ‘s amazing styles click here > Lole Women