Sweat at Home with Denise-Home Workout Series

Your body is all you need! No matter where you are or what you have, your body can be your most powerful machine!

I am super excited to be able to share with you all a series of home workouts! Now you can sweat with me in the privacy of your own home and in 30 minutes or less you are going to get a killer workout!

Every week I will be posting a new workout using my favorite Spartan Fitness Home equipment and sometimes no equipment at all!

Are you ready to sweat?  No excuses! All you have to do is set 30 minutes aside, put your favorite workout clothes on and make some room or better yet, take it outside!

Series 1- Cardio Circuit- Posted July 5, 2018

Series 2- Cardio plus Core- Medicine Ball Workout

Series 3- Kettlebell Workout-Full Body

Series 4- Resistance Band Workout- Glutes

Series 5-Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells

Series 6- Core Workout with Kettlebells

Series 7- Full Body Body Ball workout