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Becoming Extraordinary

I have been training with Ashley Horner’s training programs since January 2017, with amazing results!  She has 14 (e-book) trainers that are easy to follow and come with a meal plan. I’ve used her plans as a guide.

I started with Becoming Extraordinary 12 week trainer, on this trainer I lost 15 pounds and dropped 2 sizes while building strength and lean muscle. This trainer is best done in a gym facility.  The program is built on 4 phases, with each phase  increasing in your strength and endurance, but trust me when I say this, it will be like no other program you have ever done! She will push you, but you will feel powerful and accomplish things you never thought you could!  The meal plan is easy to follow and includes TONS of recipes. I personally used it as a guide rather than following it precisely, but for those who like to be told exactly what to eat this is great for you!  it really teaches  you about nutrition and how to pair it with your activity.

Sample for Becoming Extraordinary:

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Here is my before and after from this program


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Becoming Extraordinary




Magnify You

AMAZING, amazing results from Magnify you! With BE I trimmed down and started to get lean muscle, with Magnify you i built so much strength and endurance and increased my overall lifting by 20-30%.  I build alot more muscle and definition. With this one as well I used the meal plan that is included as a guide and adjusted it to my body.  This is a 12 week trainer, and is best done in a gym facility. This trainer is both challenging and rewarding, a definite step up from Becoming extraordinary. I would recommend this trainer after doing Becoming Extraordinary or if you consider yourself to be at an intermediate level of fitness.

Here is a sample of the program


Here are my results – picture taken at end of week 11


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Sweet Cakes

Sweet Cakes is a supplementary trainer, meaning you woudl add it 2-3 days a week to your regular training program/exercise routine. If you are looking to build and firm your booty- this is 100% the right program. I won’t lie, its  not easy and even though each workout is anywhere between 15-35min, you will sweat your ass off !  I was honestly shocked at the difference it made in only 6 weeks.  The program is 6 weeks and can be repeated several times. I purchased it in January and I still do it.  it’s one of my favs!

Here is a sample of the program


Sorry no pictures of my booty!! LOL

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