I guess I should start off by introducing myself, so  hi there and thank you for visiting my page.  I’ll keep it simple and straight forward, I’m a no frills kinda lady! Oh and I have a potty mouth ( sorry in advance).  My name is Denise, I’m married to Brad, I’m 37 and a mom of 2 boys. Jonathan who’s ( holy shit) turning 13 this year and Daniel who’s 10.  I am a full-time working mom, I guess I would be classified as a “gym-rat” ( where did that saying come from anyway???), I am currently enrolled in school part-time to become a registered nutritionist focusing on sports and nutrition, I have a lot of tattoos, I have an auto-immune disease called Rheumatoid Arthritis,  I seriously love lifting weights, it makes me feel strong and powerful. I wake up at 3am and hit the gym 6 days a week ( yes, you read that right, I said 3 am). I love yoga and add it in 2 days a week. My heaviest weight I’ve ever been is 242 lbs (I’m now 130lbs) I’ve yoyo dieted probably since I was 16 until this past year and half where I have changed my way of looking at nutrition, which you will learn a lot about here if you stick with me!

So why now- why the blog?  Well, here’s the thing I learned this past year that took me my entire life to understand. I can put myself first and not feel guilty about it. Why? because I am a better person, woman, mother, friend, daughter, sister, when I am healthy and happy.   This past 1.5 years, I have made my health a priority and it has changed my entire balance in love, health, family and motherhood.   Which is what has brought me here and the desire to empower and help other women with hopes to inspire them to live the best versions of themselves. Make themselves a priority and not for one minute feel guilty about it or make excuses.

My promise to you is I will keep it real, share my personal stories, my successes and my failures.  Workouts and fitness program recommendations that don’t suck ass and will get you results. I’ll be sharing my favorite recipes (I should mention that I am a wicked cook and baker). I’ll share my meal prepping guides/secrets and of course nutrition tips for you and your family.

I almost forgot, you must be wondering or have totally misunderstood the name of my page so let me get it straight. Bellz= barbells/dumbbells (because I love lifting heavy shit) and Bunz= hair bun ( not bun as in butts) because my hair is almost always in a top bun. If you ever run into me at the gym and my hair is in a bun, you know shit’s about to go down!  ( and don’t mind the above selfie- that’s me, raw and unedited)

I am so excited to start this journey with all of you!

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