3 East Ways to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Here are my Top 3 Tips for staying on track while on vacation!

This is the very first time we have travelled away to somewhere hot during the winter and none the less we travelled over the busiest holiday CHRISTMAS and I have to admit it was fabulous and we are totally doing it all over again next winter!!

When it comes to going away on vacation many of us will work extra hard before a vacation to look good, feel good and basically be in the best shape heading into it especially if it involves wearing a bikini, but like so many of us once you’re there after a few days, every healthy habit or routine goes out the window, which is where everyone feels like they need to do a ‘detox’ once they’re back.  Feeling like you need a detox is most likely caused by the fact that you’ve eaten too much, drank too much, exercised less or not at all, eaten crappy foods that have made you feel bloated and heavy. Trust me we’ve all been there, which is why I’m sharing with you why and how I no longer feel that way when I go away.


Having an event, milestone, vacation, occasion (whatever it may be) to look forward to and use as motivation is great, actually I encourage it if it’s going to help you build a routine and create healthy habits.  What I don’t encourage is extreme dieting and restrictions that is only meant to be short term, for quick results and only to get you to a specific date.

When I go on vacation I don’t stress on whether or not I will gain weight.  Maybe I will gain a few pounds, maybe I’ll lose some either way I don’t focus on either! Why? Because I live a healthy lifestyle that allows me to feel free and in control- always!

Here’s how and why I feel at ease and stay on track while I’m away!


  1. Bring your healthy habits with you!

Don’t take a vacation from your health, you can still enjoy yourself without putting your health on pause! Whatever habits you created pre-vacation should be continued while you are away.

How do I manage this while I was away?

I stick to my regular eating routine as much as possible. My pre and post workout meals stay within the same macro-nutrient break up and I find these the 2 easiest things to stay on track with. However I do find when I’m on vacation that I tend to want to snack a lot more rather then eat a full meal, especially if we’re somewhere by the beach.  Try to keep your snacks low calorie, but that are high volume, meaning foods that are low in calories but will keep you full and satisfied. One of my favorite snacks are fresh veggies (cucumbers, green beans, celery, fennel) with hummus or guacamole. Whether you are staying in a house or at resorts, choosing fresh, whole foods is always the best option over pre-packaged & processed foods.

2) No diets & No Restrictions!

The biggest problem is starting a diet versus making eating habit changes. Creating healthy eating habits and learning how to eat is very different then following a fad diet and restricting foods. Learning how to make better choices and learning how to eat within your calorie range takes time but it is what will give you food freedom.  When it comes to controlling weight gain, it really comes down to how many calories you are eating. So, it’s not so much what you are eating but rather how much you are eating. You can still eat a cookie, enjoy a few cocktails and eat ice cream because it’s not about restricting, it’s about paying attention to what you are eating in a day as a whole.

Take a few minutes to  plan out your day. While I’m on vacation I don’t tend to drink alcohol throughout the day, I prefer having wine or cocktails during dinner. I make sure I’m well hydrated and  I make healthy choices throughout the day and enjoy my favorite meal with a glass of wine (or two) and dessert.

3) Move your body!

Whether you choose to workout at the hotel gym, go for a run, take up some classes, ot just go for a walk on the beach, move your body.  Create a routine and stick to it, work within your limits and stay active daily.


Going away on vacation should never be an excuse to treat your body or your health any differently than you would before.  It’s not an invitation to load it with crap. It really is all about balance! You can drink a little more and eat a little more than usual, but if you balance it out right you will never feel like you ‘overdid it’ when you return home and you will never feel like you need a “detox”! Most importantly, you will return home feeling great and isn’t that what going on vacation is supposed to do? Make you feel amazing?

Start the way you want to finish! Living a healthy lifestyle allows you to live a life where you have full control and  feel free to enjoy the foods you love without regret, restrictions, detoxing and diets! Your body knows how to detox all on it’s own, just fuel it right!






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