30 Minute Full Body Bosu Workout

If you are new to the Boss, its one if those things that you aren’t quiet sure how to use it or what to do with it- it’s funky shape can be a bit intimidating! But whether you are a beginner for advanced athlete the Boss is definitely worth the investment especially if you love working out at home.


As the Boss ball develops both stability and balance while strengthening your core it’s versatility nabs ability to get a full body workout with it make it one of my favourites!


This 30 minute workout is perfect to get you started! The movements are easy to follow yet challenging at the same time.

1 circuit, 3 Rounds

✨ 40 Toe Taps

✨20 Mountain Climbers

✨20 Side to Side Jumps 

✨20 Side Squats (10 each side) 

✨10 Bosu Burpees

✨10 Bosu Sit up jumps

✨10 Walking planks

Bonus Move: 10 Balancing squats 

The Boss used in this vide is from Spartan Fitness Equipment!  Check out your nearest location as they sell different variations of the Boss!  All amazing, just pick the one that fits you best!


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