30 Minute Core Workout

C O R E // noun // The centre or most important part of something


Think of your core as the centre of everything your body does. It’s probably the most imprints muscle group for you to strengthen.  


IMG_2761Using just your bodyweight and by adding some light weights with a kettlebell or dumbbell, these 6 movements will work your entire core, while giving you an amazing workout in under 30 minute.

CORE Workout, 6 exercises, 20 reps, 3 Rounds

✨ Full Sit Up // Kettlebell

✨ Full Sit Up- alternating the kettlebell on each side

✨ Kettlebell Hold (straight above chest) alternating bicycle kicks

✨ Bird Dog (opposite hand/foot)

✨ Forearm planks- Kettlebell slide 

✨ Plank, alternating toe touch

Kettlebell from Spartan Fitness Equipment


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