Endurance Training-Full Body Workout

Endurance Training- Full Body Workout

Once a week, I like to do an endurance circuit.  I use ( mostly) just bodyweight exercises combined with plyometrics.  This does 2 things: 1) it keeps your heart rate up the whole time (endurance) and 2) it’s a full body workout. By using your own body weight, you use every muscle group in your body. Basically, working out doesn’t need to be completed and you don’t really need fancy , heavy duty machines to get a good workout. We can use our own body weight and with the right movements, we can get an awesome full body workout!

Start off with a 10 minute warm up. This could be a run on the treadmill ( or outside), spin bike, stair climber, rower, lateral machine, jump rope etc. If you have a jump rope, I suggest jumping rope. Jump rope is a great calorie-burner, increases agility, coordination and most of all builds endurance.  

With each round, you will repeat it 3-4x (3-4 rounds).  Each round will consist of 3-4 movements(exercises). Do each exercise with no break in between and taking a 30-60 sec break between each round.

Full Body Workout

Round 1

20 Jump Squats

20 Extreme Mountain climbers ( bring your foot to your hand)

10 Push Ups

Round 2

40 Box toe taps ( you can use a bench, steps, a chair- whatever you have that is about knee high)

20 Body Weight “Air Squats”

20 Jumping split squats

10 Push Ups

Round 3

10 Ball Slams

10 Burpees ( get your chest to the floor ( and don’t forget to add the jump on the way up)

10 Walking Lunges

10 Push Ups


Let’s talk push-ups and why women need to learn how to do them…properly!

Push-ups are probably one of the best exercises for overall fitness. They work your chest, back and bicep muscles all at once.   We don’t start off knowing how to automatically do a push-up correctly and when we are just starting out, a lot of us can’t physically do one, I know I couldn’t!  I think we automatically assume we can’t do a “real” push up and can only do “girl” ones.  Let’s clear that up though. ‘Girl’ push-ups, properly known as “Modified Push Ups” when done correctly are just as hard, work the same muscles and really is your building block to doing a full push up, BUT modified pushups need to be done correctly to be effective in building your strength.

How to do a proper Modified Push Up:

  1. Starting in a kneeling position, place hands below shoulders and knees behind hips so that your back is angled and long
  2. Tuck toes,  tighten your core (abdominals), and bend elbows ( to a 90-degree angle) lowering your chest to the floor. Keep your gaze straight in front of you ( head up looking straight) making sure your spine is aligned.
  3. Press into the floor, getting your chest back up to start position. Elbows back up into a straight position.
  4. Repeat

Start slow and keep trying. Build yourself up to doing a full push up. Here’s a tip I tell all my clients. If you are doing 10 pushups, 9 can be modified, 1 needs to be a full push up, on your toes.  Next week, do 8 modified, 2 full.  Each week, decrease your modified and increase your full ones.  Build your endurance and strength slowly.  Go as low as you can, and each time try to go a little lower.The most important thing….keep at it, because you got this!




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