12 Chapters, Page 1: Hello 2018

I know, I know, it’s been a while since my last blog, but here I am, I’m back!  Life happens, things take priority and while I have so many things to share, I didn’t know where to start, until today.  Something happened today that made me pause and take a mental note “ Share this experience Denise”

As I look back at 2017, it has been one crazy year for me, personally and professionally, I mean I upright quit my career to pursue a passion, I make half the amount of money I used to and I couldn’t be happier then I am right now! Don’t get me wrong this year has had so many ups and so many downs, so many “what-ifs”, so many “I can’ts”, so many holy shits and yet so many yes’. Let me tell you this though, every doubt, every gut-wrenching what if was worth the risk, especially when the risk is something that changes you.  There is only one way to go, only one direction and that’s forward! ‘Sempre Avanti’ as my papa would say!

For 2018, maybe it’s time we all start looking in the mirror and loving who and what we see. Maybe it’s time we stop wishing for something and start working for it. Maybe it’s time to start knowing and valuing our worth, then adding tax to it. Maybe it’s time to start putting yourself first instead of last and maybe its time we tell our self-doubt to shut the F*&% up!

2018, 12 new chapters, 365 pages. Open your book, start with page 1 and keep going!  Do everything you keep telling yourself you want to do. Get fit, join that gym, lose those 10lbs, book that trip, call the person you miss, say I’m sorry, say countless I love yous, hug more, laugh more, love more. Just start! 

Wishing you all an amazing year! 2018 , this is YOUR year!  




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