Big Change, New Direction

It’s not everyday that you wake up and decide that you are done! Done with wanting and not

getting, done with being tired, done with stress and bullshit, done with wishing and hoping, done with convincing yourself that there is no other way, done with negative people.  Just plain done! Well, thats me, right now!

I went to see an old friend, a very wise friend who has been a part of my life since I can remember. He said to me “ the longest journey is from our head to our hearts”  and it’s so true. Getting out of our own heads is so hard.  He also told me that there are 2 types of fear, negative fear and positive fear and at that time I was stuck in my own head, letting the negative fear consume me.

Life has it’s way of bringing you to cross roads. Some big and some small. I found myself at the biggest cross road- standing there knowing which was the right road to take, but too afraid. Just like he said, I kept trying to talk myself out of not taking the road I knew was right for me.

I guess as I’m writing this right now, I realize that the reason why I was so scared to make this decision that I’m about to share is because I have this constant need to have full control. I’m always on top of things, I always have my shit together, I don’t need sleep to function, I carry the stress load of everything so other people don’t have to, I bow down to people who hurt me and forgive ( way too much), I have thick skin, I ignore stress and pretend it doesn’t exist, and I open my heart too much and let too many people in, I give and love unconditionally and probably should put some rope to tighten  that shit up. I’m a “machine” as people call me.  Well this machine needed a tune up!  

As I stand in front of this cross road, I decided that what I really want, what I feel in my heart and soul is no longer being ignored and that it was non-negotiable. I decided it was time to go for it, to put everything I have, every part of me into doing what I love, into doing what makes my soul sing, my heart smile and keeps my mind at peace.  I am meant to help others, I am meant to walk alongside people through their journey, I am meant to inspire and empower other women, to encourage moms to get back on track, to motivate them that they can do it. I am meant to show women it can be done and most of all I am meant to cheer them on every step of the way. I am meant to help women through self doubt and fear, I am meant to help women become strong!

And so, as I leave my career in paediatric healthcare to pursue my passion in helping other through health, fitness and nutrition I am at peace knowing that I left a positive impact, that it goes without saying I did good there. I put 16 years of my whole heart into an organization that became part of our family and I am closing that chapter with happiness and pure fulfillment.   

I am humbled by my experiences, blessed for the people in my life that support me unconditionally without judgement and thankful to those that are cheering me on and believe in me and my purpose!  To all of you and to all my followers and supporters, I thank you with all of my heart, every inch of it.

What’s next?  I guess you will just have to wait and see 🙂




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  1. Vengenza says:

    All the best Denise!! You’ll do amazing in your next chapter 😀

    1. bellzandbunz says:

      Thank you so much 🙂

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