Scale Wars! Battling your way through the numbers on the scale.

“Don’t let the number on your scale define you” how many of you have heard this? Seems to be the  most common saying now and although I 100% agree, I know that many of you have thought or think the same thing as me ”easy for them to say” right? Ya, I know!

When you are struggling to lose weight, it’s all about that f&^%en number!  Let’s be honest, if you are overweight, and I’m not talking about 5 lbs here, I’m talking about legit overweight and above a healthy range, that scale number is everything to you and no matter how many people tell you not to look at the scale and just think about how you feel, when you step on that scale, you hope to see a drop.  when you are working  towards a weight loss goal, that number represents victory, a way to physically see and measure your progress.  Seeing that number drop makes you feel happy, empowered, keeps the motivation going, makes you feel accomplished right?  Yes! And you need to celebrate those moments no doubt. BUT here’s the thing, the scale is also like a bad cheating boyfriend. It recruits addiction, it loves being obsessed over, it’s not really good at long term relationships and likes to play f’ed up mind games.

The struggle is finding the balance between understanding and using your scale as a health tool versus it being your only way of measuring your success and progress. Listen, I’m not going to sit here and fluff things up for you, if you are serious about your health it takes work, it takes dedication and it takes time but the end results are worth every sweat and every god damn tear! Trust me on this one.

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, eat healthier, get ripped or just be active, it all requires the same thing: YOU!  If your goal is to lose weight then it takes you making a mental shift on how you view diet and exercise (I hate the word diet- more blogs to come on this topic). The mental shift starts with accepting your current weight, accepting your body and really being honest with yourself on where you are right now and what you actually want. This is the hardest first step.

Finding that balance and battling your way through accepting the number on the scale is not easy, but learning to embrace where you are starting from  will make your goals achievable and rewarding in so many ways.  Daily weighing can really impact your mental state, it really is a mind game.  It will set your mood for the day, it will determine your level of motivation and how good you feel about yourself.  I can’t tell you to stop weighing yourself because I get the need to see the number, that need for validation of the work you are putting in, I get it, I do! My advice is do it only once a day, ideally once a week if you can and only in the morning when you wake up.   Start to use your scale as a tool in getting to know your body, it’s actually a really good tool if used correctly. By weighing yourself the same time daily/weekly it will show you what your body is doing and how it reacts to different foods, the time of the month, exercise routines, supplements, bowel movements, liquids etc. Everything will impact or change the number of your scale daily ( changes hourly) My point is, if you constantly look at your scale and use that as your only way of determining your success you are setting yourself up for disappointment when you don’t’ see a shift. That number will go up and down your entire life, your entire fitness journey.

The scale is only one small piece to the puzzle because honestly your real success comes from your determination, loving yourself and your body, showing up every day, making yourself a priority and looking at your accomplishments and how strong your body is. Your body is a powerful machine, it will constantly surprise you if you give it the opportunity too. Trust the process- you will hear me say that a lot, but for real, once you are on this fit train it’s a one way ride, we don’t look back ( unless we are  looking at our butt gainz). Trust this process, believe in yourself, fuel and love your body!




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